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The Magic of Retreats

Beth and I met at a retreat in February 2019. It took place in an exotic location (there were monkeys in the trees behind the house where we stayed). It was beautiful, peaceful and we could walk to the beach. The leader held space for amazing conversations and provided heart-opening teachings. The food was lovingly prepared from local ingredients, and it was both yummy and healthy (and unique too). We engaged with the local culture and people, and participated in fun activities each day. We had the opportunity to pamper ourselves in the way that most resonated with us from spa treatments, to pool time, to reading in a hammock, to connecting with fellow retreat participants, to alone time. All of our needs were taken care of so we could focus solely on what felt good to us.

Beth and I were walking together on the beach our last morning in Costa Rica when she turned to me and said, “I want to lead a retreat with you.” Wow! So much opened up in that moment for both of us! She saw a possibility and voiced it. I heard the invitation and said yes to it. Within four months we had found an incredible location (I’d actually been dreaming of hosting a retreat there for years), decided on a name and focus for our retreat, designed a logo, developed marketing materials, set up a Facebook page, website and registration forms and announced our endeavor to those we were most excited to share this exotic adventure with – an adventure with the exact same elements as described above only set in a different location with different people – perhaps YOU!

This is the power of retreats. They provide an escape from the usual frantic pace of our lives and allow for new openings, new ideas, new connections and new endeavors to unfold naturally and beautifully.

Our retreat is still months away, and yet so much has already come from our collaboration. Beth is writing a new workbook that has been a dream for years and I am helping her bring it to life. Our skills, interests, talents and perspectives are completely different and yet, totally complimentary. We each fill in a piece of the puzzle and bring something unique to the table. I know that we were meant to work together in this way and our partnership has already brought us both so many gifts. Beth teaches embodiment, and I am seeking to be more embodied. I coach people to put their teachings in writing so their ideas can outlive them, and it has been a joy to assist Beth in bringing her important lessons to the page. Healing is at the center of what both of us do, and we are so looking forward to sharing that with the beautiful beings who join us in Bali this spring.

Who knows what amazing collaboration, relationship, partnership or creative idea might be born from your participation . . .

For more information and to register for our Bali Healing in Motion retreat March 29 – April 4. The earlier you commit with an initial deposit, the more you get as Beth and I are both offering special bonuses each month through November.

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