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Tracy Maxwell at river canyon

Coaching people to find their own inner wholeness is one of my absolute favorite things! I have benefitted tremendously over the years from coaches, mentors, programs, events and retreats, and really love being able to share what I’ve learned with others who are facing their own unique challenges in life, in health, in relationships, around work, money, and overwhelm, and creating joy, peace and happiness.I am thrilled to offer a complimentary 30 to 60 minute coaching session to explore what is possible for you to heal in order to live your best life. I specialize in working with . . . 


  •    Single people between the ages of 28-58

  •    Cancer survivors seeking meaning from their experience

  •    Victims of hazing including parents and families

  •    Those in the midst of a career transition


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Tracy has an innate ability to understand human behavior and to reflect it back to you through questions and stories. This results in action steps that recognize possibilities and will transform your life.

– Jennifer

Seeing someone let go of a limiting belief that has been holding them back, find a new strength they didn’t know they had, recognize who they really are, and take action to create the kind of life they want is so rewarding and fulfilling. Here’s what a few of them have to say:

You got me on the right path toward identifying non-productive thoughts, and instead put me on a path to action. I could tell that you really cared, and I never felt judged.

– Susan

Tracy, the greatest gift you give your clients is YOU. There is something about your presence that makes me feel so safe and loved. Even when I sense that you might disagree with something I say or not fully understand, you have a way of making me feel heard and appreciated. You have a way of challenging me without me feeling attacked or condemned. Your gift of empathy is precious. Thank you for sharing it with me and so many others.

– Brian

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