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Healing Hawaii

Cancer Survivor Retreat

February 22-29, 2020

$2295 Before February 1
(final deadline to register)


Holiday Special

$200 off - December ONLY! 

When you pay in full.

Cancer can take so much from us . . . our body parts, energy, time, money and peace of mind. And of course there is always the worry in the back of our minds that it may ultimately take our lives as well. What if you could experience your life differently, even living with cancer? 


Hawaii has an incredibly sacred and healing energy, and Kokolulu was created to nurture and hold people with cancer through nutritious locally sourced and delicious food, daily qi gong practice, and gorgeous, peaceful surroundings with swaying palm trees and ocean views from the lanai.


This retreat will also include sight-seeing around the many wonders of the Big Island with beach picnics, waterfall hikes, cultural experiences, swimming with manta rays and meeting the locals.  

"Thank you for reteaching me, that there still are caring people in this world who give, and don’t expect. I really got to look inside of myself when I most needed to and rediscovered the passion I have for life. With each passing day (before with the cancer) I could feel it slipping away. Lastly, Thank you for giving me the ability to put trust back in my life. Peace! Joy! Love! Happiness!"

                                                - Ti’Are – Kentucky

Retreat Benefits & Kokolulu Details 

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