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These are very interesting times we are living through right now. I know for many of you it may be frightening, or if you are immunocompromised, even terrifying to consider the worst-case scenario. I get it. We live in a doom and gloom society in which we are bombarded daily with all the terrible things that are happening, not just in our own communities, but around the world. If we consume too much news it can be overwhelming, and in times of crisis we tend to consume even more news and social media – especially when we are in isolation and craving connection.

Please know, I am not suggesting that you live in denial, bury your head in the sand and don’t stay informed about the latest recommendations from experts about how to keep yourself safe and what to do if you get sick. I am recommending that you pay attention to your mental state and disengage from the fear factory when you are feeling too much negativity. You know what is best for you. Tapping into your intuition and listening to higher guidance is more important than ever right now. Doing what is best for you in every given moment is crucial at all times, but especially during troubling times.

We are receiving good information about protecting ourselves physically by distancing from others, washing our hands and not touching our faces (this one is hard for me). And, I encourage you to still allow yourself the love and affection from close friends and family that you need to be healthy and well – whatever that means for you. I choose to still hug friends who are well and to meet for walks and outdoor activities when we can. I am also meditating more and practicing Qi Gong every day to keep my system calm and my vibration high. I am utilizing the time at home to practice my ukulele, read books I haven’t had time for and up-level my skills rather than getting lost in the endless media circus or vast entertainment options.

In energy healer training I was taught to put a protective bubble of light around myself, and I do sometimes still practice this when I am feeling bombarded or overwhelmed by the circumstances around me. In Qi Gong I was taught that the protective layer I envisioned could be anything from light to steel if that felt safer for me. Whatever feels protective for you right now is encouraged. It is important for your well-being that you feel safe.

AND. . . I would like to suggest another way. The very best way to protect yourself is not to close in through fear, but to brighten up through light and love.

We are all connected through the collective consciousness and it is easy to feel the panic surrounding us right now. Remaining calm in the midst of chaos is one of the best things you can do for yourself and for others. I am encouraged and heartened by the incredible demonstrations of love I am seeing from the balconies of Europe right now – people singing and playing guitar together, exercising from rooftops and sharing expressions of love and hope in myriad ways. I have also been taught that the best “protection” is through strengthening my own light. I will post a video about how to do this on my author Facebook page. If you don’t already follow me there, go here to do so:

You may have heard that the Chinese symbol for crisis also means opportunity (even if that is not strictly true according to some linguists, it is a beautiful thought and quite relevant right now). I believe this crisis we are currently collectively experiencing will prove to be the catalyst for even more love and connection throughout the world. It is showing us that we can all together weather something that impacts each and every one of us and come out even stronger in the end.

I know it may feel scary and uncertain right now, and if I can be supportive in any way please reach out. I am great at helping people center and calm their nervous systems, so if you need that, please email: There is no charge for my services at this time and I will gladly accept donations of any amount if you so desire.

Blessings and light to each of you. Please know that I love you so much!

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