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Contrasts & Balance

Bored. Overwhelmed.

Lonely. Desperate for 5 minutes away from my family.

Quiet and peaceful – maybe too quiet? Total cacophony 24/7.

Slower pace of life. Barely have time to eat and go to the bathroom.

Inside and isolated. Surrounded by people and/or

out in the world on the front lines.

Overcome with fear and uncertainty. Present to

the blessings of a pause.

Sick or caring for an unwell family member. Healthy

and exercising more than ever.

Longing for a hug or any human contact. Getting snuggles from family members constantly

(and watching kids beat each other up regularly.)

Able to enjoy hobbies & free time. Busier than

ever working remotely & home schooling.

  • This is hard for single people who live alone.

  • This is hard for couples who fight (and even those who have solid communication).

  • This is hard for people on the front lines trying to keep their corner of the world healthy and cared for.

  • This is hard for parents with small children (and teenagers) who need schooling and socialization. Even harder for those providing that while still working full-time from home.

  • This is hard for people with underlying health conditions who are fearing for their lives.

  • This is hard for those who are sick or who have a family member who is.

  • This is hard for people who need a lot of help (food, financial support, counseling) and for those who desperately want to be of service, but aren’t sure what to do.

  • This is hard for leaders of organizations, companies, non-profits, educational institutions, health care facilities, cities, states and countries who have to make often impossible decisions with limited or imperfect information.

Let’s face it, there are very few people for whom the present moment isn’t a challenge.

There are also so many blessings as crisis provides an opportunity to see what is really valuable. I am encouraged and hopeful about these big themes and specific groups to name just a few:

As things seemingly fall apart, we are coming together.

There is opportunity for healing and growth in the midst of crisis – on all levels from personal to global.

Because we can’t be outwardly busy and always moving,

we are forced to be still and focus inward

(inward toward our families and literally inside ourselves).

As the old falls away it gives rise to new