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Healing Philosophy

The focus of all my work, whether it is with hazing prevention, helping single people love their lives more, connecting single cancer survivors, or coaching someone through a difficult situation, is based on HEALING. I drew the model below to provide the blueprint for what I’m up to in my own healing journey, and helping others in theirs. Healing literally means “to make whole.” We are all actually already whole, perfect and complete, but because we don’t feel that way, healing those thoughts, beliefs, patterns, traumas and even illnesses, bring us back to a recognition of who we really are.

Our identity is based on so many things, including what has happened to us, how we see the world, how we were raised, our education level, our physical appearance, our so called triumphs and failures, our family situation, what we do for a living and so much more. We use the phrase, “I am… to describe what we see as the important things about us, but the truth is, all we really need to describe us is I AM — this is our divine presence in the world, our spiritual being having a human experience. Once we can get to simply, I AM, and realize that all the other labels we have placed on ourselves don’t matter, we are fully healed.


Healing isn’t necessarily something that is ever complete, but as we reach higher and higher levels of healing, we can begin to more fully shine our own lights into the world, making it a brighter place as well (that’s why I used a sun as my visual for this model).

"Let your light shine."

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