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Speaking & Facilitation

Tracy is a gifted facilitator and speaker, engaging her audiences and getting to the heart of whatever topic is on the agenda. While she always longed to be the “funny” presenter, making her audiences laugh, one of her students said to her, “you touch our hearts instead, and that lasts longer than a laugh.”


Leading workshops, retreats, and speaking to large audiences for over 20 years, Tracy loves to bring messages of inspiration and hope. Whether helping students understand the hidden harms of hazing and make a different choice or sharing her inspirational personal story and life lessons with cancer survivors or business groups, Tracy’s message is always positive, always personal and often provocative.


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Cancer Speaking
Hazing Speaking

A Conversation about Hazing

As the Founder of a hazing prevention non-profit, Tracy believed that with good information, students would make good decisions. We hear about hazing in the media usually when someone gets injured or killed, but what we rarely know is how many are psychologically damaged from their experience. The shame these victims feel often keeps them silent about their deep, and often lasting, wounds. Tracy shares their stories, and provides students with the tools to make a different choice, to affirm rather than humiliate the newest members of their organizations.

#LML (Love My Life):

How our view of the world changes EVERYTHING

Tracy believes how we view the world literally creates our experience in it. Our perception is the only thing that distinguishes our experience of life from that of everyone else, and it is completely unique to us. Even in the same place, at the same time, no two people experience life in the same way. The way you see your life and the world around you determines your happiness, peace of mind, success and the quality of your relationships. This program will help you learn to love your life more, experience less stress and overwhelm and open up to better relationships, more meaningful work and a profound sense of purpose.

I may have cancer, but cancer doesn’t have me

As a four-time cancer survivor, Tracy has experienced the ups and downs of dealing with a serious illness, and surprising even to herself, she now sees cancer as an incredible blessing. She often tells people if she could go back in time and not experience cancer, she wouldn’t choose that. The reason why is the incredible transformational power of dealing with a serious health issue or other trauma in our lives. To be powerful in the face of the circumstances of our life is extraordinary. Each difficulty gives us an opportunity to heal something within that allows us to move to a new level of effectiveness and happiness.

Tracy Maxwell at LiveStrong Summit

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