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Solo Survivors

Solo Survivors is an organization formed to provide support for single people who are dealing with cancer. This is not a dating service, but rather a place to feel connected to a larger community of singles who are facing similar challenges for support, sharing and advice.


Solo Survivors grew out of the experience of Tracy Maxwell, diagnosed at age 36 with a rare form of ovarian cancer. While she believes everyone goes through cancer alone, she recognizes the additional challenges for singles who don't have a partner or family nearby to help with the ravages of treatment, the emotional side of the disease, and the challenges of dating after cancer. Through her own experience, she soon recognized many others in the same boat, and wanted to find a way to bring this group together for mutual support.

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In August of 2010, Solo Survivors sponsored its first event — a three-day canoe and camping trip on the Colorado River for 14 survivors. A huge success, the event was repeated in 2011.

Canoeing & Connection

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Christine & Tracy
Kat & Tracy

In 2010 and 2011, single cancer survivors embarked on three-day canoe trips on the Colorado River. Follow the links for their thoughts and news coverage of these two amazing events, which had a profound impact on the participants' lives.


Kelly Bergin's story:  pre-trippost-trip


Alli Ward's story


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