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Healing through all the phases of cancer


Survivorship is a journey, not a destination, and the importance of focusing on the entire process - not just diagnosis and treatment - has been highlighted in recent years by federal government mandates that healthcare providers offer care through the post-treatment stages as well. This is a major win for survivors who have long known that cancer doesn't end when treatment does.


I am a survivor myself, so I understand the ups and down, traumas, fears, physical and sexual issues, emotional set-backs and insecurities that can be part of this process. I know it can feel like . . . 

  • You are all alone with something huge that you feel unprepared for on almost every level

  • Total overwhelm at the sheer number of things you have to do and the decisions you have  to make (often on your own and quickly), and the things you have to keep up with

  • The fear will take over and there's nothing you can do to stop it

  • Side effects are endless and recovery is far away

  • No one understands what you are going through or how to support you

  • The exhaustion is never ending, and things will always be more difficult

  • You will never be a "normal" person again - your life revolves around cancer now

  • You can't work or have healthy relationships or even think sometimes

  • The future is totally uncertain and possibly even hopeless


It doesn't have to be this way!


This program will help you navigate the various stages of survivorship from the initial shock and fear of diagnosis through the unexpected after-effects that few doctors prepare us for. The sections of this program will follow the literal seasons of one year, though we all know that survivorship is a long-term journey encompassing much longer, and littered along the way with set-backs, surprising joys, and an entirely new outlook on life itself. We will be focusing primarily on the emotional/mental toll that cancer can take as this is the piece not typically covered in the doctors' plans to save your life.


Just a few of the topics you will encounter are: 

  • Finding comfort

  • Balancing control and surrender

  • Keeping your cool and finding calm

  • A comprehensive approach to health and well-being

  • Engaging community

  • Practicing self care

  • Celebrating wins

  • Communicating with loved ones

  • Collaborating with health professionals and others

  • Recognizing the role of consciousness and perspective

  • The importance of connection

  • Deepening commitment to life



























This program also comes with some cool bonuses:


A FREE 90-minute introduction to each season will be offered quarterly

(available whether you sign up for any paid sessions or not - my gift to you)



Sign up for even one of the 12 programs offered and get The Top Three Things You Need to Know When Diagnosed with Cancer


Sign up for at least one season, and get a copy of the expanded edition of The Top Three Things You Need to Know When Diagnosed wth Cancer, with more details and resources. 


Register for two seasons or more for an electronic copy of the first chapter of my book Being Single, with Cancer: A Solo Survivor's Guide to Life, Love, Health and Happiness


When you register for the entire year of this program, I will mail you an autographed copy of my book Being Single, with Cancer: A Solo Survivor's Guide to Life, Love, Health and Happiness absolutely free! (If you already have it, I will be happy to autograph it to a friend or send it to a hospital or medical facility of your choice as a donation from YOU.)


I want this program to be accessible to everyone who needs survivorship support and healing,

so I have made it super affordable for any budget.


Each 90-minute program is only $20! But there are additional discounts for a season pass.

Buy any single season (three programs total) for just $45 each (only $15 a session)

Get the entire year for only $120 ($10 each and the most economical option). 


Programs will be offered at different days/times each month to 

accomodate various schedules, and each session will be recorded

so you can listen anytime at your convenience without having to be 

on live. Additionally, this offer is 100% risk-free. At any time if the

program isn't meeting your needs, simply ask for your money back, and 

keep any bonuses you've earned. How can it get better than that?

(The only requirement is that you have actually tuned in or listened to the

program recordings before asking for your money back.)


Sign up to get the first chapter of my book and other great resources FREE!

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Community and support for single cancer survivors

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