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Congratulations You Have Cancer

Welcome to your life PhD Program



If you clicked the link to come to this page, then you are ready to get to work creating the healthy, fulfilled, whole, complete and joyous life you deserve! Read on. 


If you are still reading then you know that life hands us some really big opportunities every once in a while to take our level of mastery up several notches in one fell swoop. If we aren’t diligent in our studies, if we skip classes or don’t do the homework or get lazy with our discipline, we aren’t going to complete the curriculum, we might even fail out of the program altogether. You have already signed up and paid your tuition. You have survived perhaps the most difficult part of this process – hearing those words: “You have cancer.” How you choose to be with that will determine your level of success moving forward. And by success, I don’t mean whether you live or die, but how you experience the process.


If you can be with what you’ve read so far (even if it makes you a little uncomfortable) and you notice that you are even a bit curious about what it would be like to embrace everything that arises in your life as an opportunity for growth and development, then you are ready to complete the PhD-level healing program. Welcome! What is required in this healing adventure is a willingness to be completely authentic (even vulnerable) about what is coming up for you at all times. It isn’t productive for me to coach some made up version of yourself that wants to impress others (or blame others) more than it wants to heal itself.


If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and you feel completely stuck in a way of being that isn’t working for you anymore, then I invite you to never let a good crisis go to waste. Most of us will get a few “good crises” in our lives – serious moments when we are faced with something really difficult we aren’t at all sure we can manage. After the initial shock and fear wears off, we have the opportunity to really see what we’re made of, and to come out the other side with profound new ways of relating to the world around us, and within us. I invite you to take that on in THIS particular crisis.


Whether you are newly diagnosed or post-treatment and trying to figure out how to make sense of your

life as a survivor, or even have a terminal diagnosis, there is healing available to you if you are willing

to do what the Chinese have been rumored to do – see both crisis and opportunity in a single event. All I require is that you be a willing, open, determined participant in your own healing process. If you fit that description, let’s get to work. I want to be your guide, to share with you everything I’ve learned in more

than a decade, and four rounds with cancer. I want to support you on your journey so you will absolutely know you are never alone! I want you to have the life of your dreams and not just settle for whatever

comes your way.


It is one of the greatest joys of my life to coach people in discovering the truth of who they really are, and helping them find joy and peace and purpose in their lives no matter what they are currently dealing with. Working with me will require you to step out of your comfort zone, stretch your mind and open yourself to new possibilities you may have never considered. You will be challenged to take on new ways of thinking about who you are and what you have to offer the world.


I am excited to help you discover the REAL you, the authentic and beautiful you, the healed and healthy

and lovable and loved YOU! Schedule your complimentary, no obligation initial coaching session now.


Let the Healing Begin! 

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