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Wednesdays, September 30 - November 18

(approximately every other week–see details below)

6:00–8:00 p.m. MST



WHY, oh why are we so hard on ourselves? Have you ever had the feeling that you aren’t doing enough, learning enough, don’t have enough, or that you, yourself, just aren’t enough? This is an insidious and destructive emotion that can suck the joy out of even the best life. Any feelings of guilt about what you SHOULD be doing can completely negate the pleasure of what you actually ARE doing at any given moment. When we spend too much (or any) time “shoulding” on ourselves, our highest self is not being served.


This telecourse is based on content from my book, Being Single With Cancer: A Solo Survivor’s Guide to Life, Love, Health & Happiness, and participating will give you deeper insight into many of the juicy joyful life lessons covered in the book. You will also get your very own signed copy, included in your registration price!


Each two-hour session will explore a different topic from the book and include interactive exercises and an opportunity to discuss issues with myself and other program participants.  Additionally, I am thrilled to offer a number of bonuses to participants in the program, including:


  • A signed copy of the book ($25 value)

  • A 30-minute coaching session with me ($125 value)

  • Discounted rate to sign up for an individual or group coaching package ($500 value)

  • A free copy of my e-book Practically Healthy: A Regular Person’s Guide to Eating Well On the Go – not available anywhere else at this time ($20 value)


Session Descriptions


Session #1 – You are NOT Alone

We often feel alone when going through something difficult, facing a tough decision or even celebrating a victory of some kind. These are the moments in life that we long to have support or to share with someone special. No matter how many “someone specials” we may have in our lives, being single or in an unsupportive relationship can make us feel alone during these times. This session will explore the reasons why we often feel alone, and provide resources, tools and exercises to help alleviate that feeling. You will know, for sure, that you are NOT alone at the end of this call.


Session #2 – You are Worthy

Worthiness is a nearly universal human issue. We often question our own value – to our families, our employers, our relationships or even to society in general. Our lack of self-worth and self-love can actually block good things from coming to us if we don’t feel we are deserving of them. Exploring my own sense of worthiness and continual need to “help” others has been a huge part of my life path. This is the area with perhaps the richest opportunity for growth through the discovery of your own value. It is only through releasing my own limitations in this area that I could write my book or offer these types of courses, and I know first-hand the deep sense of purpose and joy that comes from loving yourself.


Session #3 – You are Responsible

We live in a society that is rife with blame. Politicians, the media, our institutions, and even families, point the finger at others for what is “wrong.” Taking responsibility for our own lives and happiness takes something in the midst of this culture. It is not the default to want to be responsible – in fact, quite the opposite. Our minds will automatically go to what other people are doing that is negatively impacting us. This one issue is the most powerful and transformative concept you can learn. It will transform the way you look at your life, your challenges and the people around you. When you take responsibility, it will transform your life forever!


Session #4 – You are Powerful

Power has gotten a bad rap in our society. We tend to think of powerful people as bullies who bend others to their will, and even take advantage of people with less power. I have come to recognize power in a different context, as the ability to be powerful in the face of challenges, owning my power to make a difference, and even recognizing the power of vulnerability and the walls it can break down. Discovering and owning your own power can make all the difference in your ability to really fulfill on those things that you hold dear, the dreams and goals that you have for your own life and your contribution in the world.



Session #5 - You are Lovable and Loved

It is so easy to see areas of lack in our lives. Again, our minds automatically focus on what is missing rather than what we have. When you feel alone, unworthy, not responsible, and lacking in power, it is natural to feel unlovable and unloved by extension. Especially as a single person, but even in relationship, we can fail to recognize all the love around us. In fact, we often misinterpret the actions of others in our lives as unloving when they are exactly the opposite. This session will be the perfect conclusion to all the concepts we have discussed so far, and will leave you knowing for sure that you are enough, you are lovable and you are so, so loved.




Each 2-hour session will take place on Wednesdays starting on October 7th. The sessions will begin at 8 p.m. eastern time, 7 p.m. central, 6 p.m. mountain and 5 p.m. pacific. Each session will be recorded so you can listen in later even if you can’t be with us live.


Session #1 – September 30

Session #2 – October 14

Session #3 – October 28

Session #4 – November 4

Session #5 – November 18


I can’t wait to share this special course with you!

Please put the dates in your calendar and register ASAP.


Investment in YOU


This course (with more than $650 worth of bonus materials) is only $347.


Register before September 16 for a discounted rate of $247 - $100 OFF!


One more bonus — register with a friend and have that built-in support system to learn and grow together and you BOTH take the entire 5-week course for only $547 — just $273.50 each!

(AND, you still get the discount if you register before the early-bird deadline $447 for both!)


Register with a friend before September 16 and pay only $223.50 each! The lowest rate.

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