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Healing Calls for Solo Survivors - FREE

6:00 p.m. Mountain on the 1st and 4th Friday

(5 Pacific, 7 Central, 8 Eastern)



Are you a single cancer survivor? Have you been looking for connections with others who understand you? Are you searching for answers about what is next in your life? Join Tracy and other solo survivors for these healing calls as we explore the unique challenges of being single with cancer. 


A survey of 100 single cancer survivors found the following: 

  • 80% reported feeling alone

  • Just over 83% experience body image issues from scarring or other cancer side effects such as weight gain, missing body parts or hair loss.

  • 65% have concerns about fertility.

  • Almost 85% feel anxiety or inadequacy about dating and sexuality because of the above. 


Top Needs Expressed Were: 

  • Connections with other cancer survivors (77%)

  • A book or other information about dealing with cancer as a single person (67%)

  • Information about dating/sexuality (62%)





These healing calls will be based on content from my book, Being Single With Cancer: A Solo Survivor’s Guide to Life, Love, Health & Happiness, and participating will give you deeper insight into many of the lessons covered in the book from Tracy's own experience and that of other single survivors. Additionally, you will have the chance to connect with and learn from other single survivors like you. 


Each session will explore a different topic. Topics will be shared in advance, and sometimes left open to address whatever is going on in that moment. For one-on-one coaching around treatment and dealing with a new diagnosis, email Tracy. I also offer individual coaching around survivorship issues if you prefer that to the group setting. 


This program will be a mix of open discussion, exercises and a short content section. There will be an opportunity to connect with other participants outside of calls and "assignments" to undertake for advanced healing and exploration.  


A few of the topics we will cover in this program: 

  • feeling alone

  • worthiness

  • taking responsibility

  • connection

  • self love

  • forgiveness

  • intention

  • owning your power

  • finding inspiration




Investment in YOU


I have decided to offer these calls free of charge this year. Join us whenever you can to connect with other survivors on topics of interest to single survivors. To receive reminders about the calls, join the Solo Survivors private group on Facebook or register with the button below to be sent an email (if you aren't on Facebook regularly). 





"As a single person with a chronic illness, she spoke to my soul. Thank you!"

                                                                                                                                        –Margaret Zurkuhlen


"Tracy, the greatest gift you give your clients is YOU. There is something about your presence that makes me feel so safe and loved. Even when I sense that you might disagree with something I say or not fully understand, you have a way of making me feel heard and appreciated. I've never felt judged

by you or devalued. You have a way of challenging me without me feeling attacked or condemned.

Your gift of empathy is precious. Thank you for sharing it with me and so many others."     -Brian S.


"Tracy is very motivational and inspiring. Anyone who is feeling alone

could benefit from her work."                              – Paula Clements


“Better than therapy! Tracy is the perfect coach you didn’t think you needed. She is an

excellent listener and truly cares about making a difference in your life. She provides a unique

perspective on any issues I am dealing with, and I always learn something new. She has helped

me resolve major challenges. I highly recommend you connect with her. You will be glad you did.”


 -Marcia Donziger, Founder of








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