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HEAL Teleclass

Mondays in January-March 2018

(every other week–see details below)

6:00–8:00 p.m. MST



Healing literally means “to make whole.” The truth is, you are already whole, complete and perfect, but anything that has you feel otherwise is in need of healing. Whether it is thought patterns, habits, limiting beliefs, emotional trauma or even physical illness (from aches and pains to a serious diagnosis), healing them will bring you into your fullest self-expression - your beautiful, creative, fulfilled self.


This telecourse is based on my proprietary HEAL© coaching method. I developed it as a framework to walk clients through the stages of healing. Because of the time and expense involved, I know one-on-one coaching is not accessible to everyone, and that is why I am making this same methodology available for the first time in a broad format through this four week class. 


Each two-hour session will explore a one stage of the HEAL© process and include interactive exercises and worksheets to help you both learn and apply the content to your own life and unique situations.  Additionally, I am thrilled to offer a number of bonuses to participants in the program, including:


  • A signed copy of my book Being Single, With Cancer ($25 value)

  • A 30-minute one-on-one coaching session ($75 value)

  • Discounted rate to sign up for an individual or group coaching package ($500 value)

  • A free copy of my e-book Practically Healthy: A Regular Person’s Guide to Eating Well On the Go – not available anywhere else at this time ($20 value)


Session Descriptions


Session #1 – HOLISTIC

Our bodies are not like cars in that we can't be healed through mechanical methods alone. Simply striving to fix a "defect" doesn't allow for the complexity of how all the various parts of us work together. Human beings are complex organisms, and we function best when our minds, bodies and spirits work in conjunction with each other, and not at cross-purposes. Physical issues are exacerbated, even caused, by underlying emotional trauma, and more and more research is helping us better understand this relationship. True well-being only comes through recognition and balance of each of the parts of ourselves, and being able to see "problems" in any of those areas as opportunities for healing in all of them. 


Session #2 – ENERGETIC

Everything is energy. Einstein and other 19th century quantum physicists have proven this in labortories. Yet it is still difficult for many of us to comprehend that we live in a world in which our internal thoughts and beliefs can impact anything in the physical/material world. By mastering our own energetic vibration, we not only heal ourselves, but positively impact the world around us as well. It can be difficult to do this though, living in a world that bombards us with 24/7 bad news about everything that is going on in every corner of the world. It is so easy to get caught up in the mundane repetitive everyday tasks that encompass our lives, and neglect the practices and attitudes that move the energetic needle.  


Session #3 – AUTHENTIC

This has become an overused word, sometimes to the point that it may have lost any real meaning for us. Authenticity describes how we show up in the world, but also who we really are. It is difficult to show up authentically if you don't really understand what is important to you, who you really are, and what you have to offer. Most of us are never really asked to examine these things as outside influences shape and mold us into versions of ourselves that we may not identify with or recognize. Living an authentic life involves peeling away masks and letting go of habitual behaviors that don't serve us as well as marching to the beat of our own drum no matter what the rest of the world thinks about us.


Session #4 – LOVING (Particularly Self-Love)

If authenticity is overused, then love is truly misunderstood. We have so romanticized and commercialized the concept that we often struggle with understanding, practicing, receiving, expressing and being in the presence of love even with those we are closest to. We also tend to limit love and saying I love you to romantic partners and perhaps family members, but have a more difficult time recognizing all the other ways that love is present in our lives and in our world. The negativity the engulfs us would have us focus on everything that is wrong with the world and with ourselves rather than on the awesomeness about others and ourselves. Making the shift to being loving toward yourself and others changes everything else too. 





Each 2-hour session will take place on Mondays starting on January 23rd. The sessions will begin at 8 p.m. eastern time, 7 p.m. central, 6 p.m. mountain and 5 p.m. pacific. Each session will be recorded so you can listen in later even if you can’t be with us live.


Session #1 – January 23

Session #2 – February 6 

Session #3 – February 20

Session #4 – March 6


I can’t wait to share this special course with you!

Please put the dates in your calendar and register ASAP.


Investment in YOU


This course (with more than $600 worth of bonus materials) is only $247.


Register before January 12 for a discounted rate of $197 - 20% OFF


One more bonus — register with a friend and have that built-in support system to learn and grow together and you BOTH take the entire 4-session course for only $447 — just $223.50 each!


Register with a friend before January 12 and pay only $173 each! The lowest rate available.

Sign up to get the first chapter of my book and other great resources FREE!

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