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Wednesday, February 15

8:00–9:00 p.m. EDT



In our fast-paced, ego-driven, never-stop society, many of us find ourselves in a state of constant overwhelm feeling as if there is never enough time, money or peace in our lives. Sometimes that feeling translates not just to those circumstances, but to US as well. Many of us are walking around with the feeling that WE are not enough.


Whether you are a single cancer survivor or not, this call will address those feelings that we should be more, do more or have more in order to be happy. It will demonstrate without a doubt that it is not any of those things that lead to fulfillment, but rather who we are being that contributes to our peace of mind and contentment.


A survey conducted with single cancer survivors showed that:

  • Nearly 80% feel alone.

  • Just over 83% experience body image issues from cancer treatment or surgery side effects.

  • 65% have concerns about fertility.

  • Almost 85% feel anxiety or inadequacy about dating and sexuality because of the above.

  • Many survivors describe themselves as "damaged goods."


But I know that it's not just single survivors that can feel this way. Our society is rife with striving for ever more — stuff, fulfillment, leisure time, love, contentment and happiness. We almost always feel that whatever we have isn't enough… and by extension, neither are we. This call will unequivocally show that you are enough. You are whole and complete and fabulous, JUST the way you are. It will provide tools for appreciating your life while also striving toward your most cherished goals, and will give you the chance to open up and connect with others who are on the same path.


The last part of the call will share some upcoming opportunities to engage with this community further and/or receive one-on-one support. The call is FREE, but you must register for the call in number, and so we can send you reminders.

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