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June 30, 2014

How valuable are you?


When you read that question, how does it land? In what various contexts do you think of your value? Financially, emotionally, sentimentally, intellectually? Do you think in terms of the service you provide, the contribution that you are to others, your family, your friends? Or does it boil down to how much money you have in the bank, your salary or your investments?


How do you measure the value of a human being? How do we measure our own value?


For some of us, our value is determined by our salary, the kind of car we drive, what we look like, a pat on the back from our boss, recognition and accolades, where we live or vacation or what we wear. But that game can’t be won, because there will always be more to strive for — a bigger home, nicer car, cooler clothes, more m...

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