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February 8, 2017

“What you resist, persists. What you focus on, expands.”

Mother Teresa once famously said she would never attend an anti-war protest, but hold a rally for peace and she would be in the front row. (I’m paraphrasing.) I have spent a great deal of my life focusing on what was wrong – with me, with my life, with other people, the system, the world. When I was diagnosed with cancer, I began being exposed to ideas that shook the very foundation of the way I see the world. It is so easy to see what bothers us and scares us, and effortless to find others who agree with our righteous stance – especially in this time of the easy “like” click.

Living in fear is a recipe for disaster. Always scape-goating the other. Not following the great advice of Stephen Covey to “seek first to understand.” We fall e...

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